Rescue Zone

Boat or ship? what’s the different between those two words?
well, you may want to look at this

Aishah rescue boat

I captured this in Kuala Terengganu river. So, what do you think? is it a boat or ship?

let me show you this

rescue boats

i was not using a super zoom. Actually, i was shooting with my kit lens 18-55mm. VR technology of this lens was really helpful because, i was crossing this river in a small boat (forgot to take my picture with the boat, but the boat is here). it’s amaizing river that ship (i think it is ship) can anchor here, right.

how about this, what do you think?

Perahu bukan kertas

i took this photo in Tanjung api fish market, Kuantan, Malaysia
Port-two boats


Nikon 50mm f/1.8

First version of Nikon 50mm f/1.8 comes in 1986. Wow..I was not even in existence in this world. hehehe
This is one of the best lens ever (with the newest version) in great -not expensive- price.

AF nikkor 50mm

However, little drawback for this lens is ghosting.

This lens seems to have sharpness all over in F2.8 with fairly nice bokeh.

Herein some of my photos taken by using this lens
A tube

Sample in tubes

The problem is this lens is attacked by fungus family.

What should i do?


CFDC (Civic FD Club Malaysia)


One of civic club in Malaysia.

Actually, i am not civic owner. My friend is. I just came with my friend to their TT (teh tarik) session. TT is term for gathering.
Fortunately, i brought my camera Nikon D90 with kit lens 18-105mm.

FD 598 1

Well, the lens is OK even quite enough for this task. ….errr…I hope i have 18-200mm VRII…hehehehe, but that lens still in my dream. So, 18-105 VR is perfect.
However, when i was shooting in lowlight situation, i realized that this D90 was not quite enough, especialy in high ISO. by the way, i forget to mention that the TT was around 10pm Malaysia time.

I captured this photograph with 3200 ISO. It is quite high for my D90. So, if you realize, the noise is “owesome”.

look at this

sport rims

Do i need to upgrade my camera?