Parking Meter

I never see like this before i came to Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia. It is really classic, isn’t it?

You have to prepare 1RM for 90 minutes.

Parking meter

Do you have like this in your hometown?


5 thoughts on “Parking Meter”

      1. wooow.. hawaii.. it is paradise. I think, it will not be enough to take photos of hawaii in one day. yeah.

        owh, iam from indonesia actually, but right now still getting for my master in pharmacy..not in photography. haha

        how is there in hawaii? is it rainy day? remember me a movie that took place in hawaii, THE DESCENDANTS.

      2. We are on alert waiting for tropical storm Flossie to pass through our island chain; wind and rain maybe tonight and tomorrow. We hope nothing serious.

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