CFDC (Civic FD Club Malaysia)


One of civic club in Malaysia.

Actually, i am not civic owner. My friend is. I just came with my friend to their TT (teh tarik) session. TT is term for gathering.
Fortunately, i brought my camera Nikon D90 with kit lens 18-105mm.

FD 598 1

Well, the lens is OK even quite enough for this task. ….errr…I hope i have 18-200mm VRII…hehehehe, but that lens still in my dream. So, 18-105 VR is perfect.
However, when i was shooting in lowlight situation, i realized that this D90 was not quite enough, especialy in high ISO. by the way, i forget to mention that the TT was around 10pm Malaysia time.

I captured this photograph with 3200 ISO. It is quite high for my D90. So, if you realize, the noise is “owesome”.

look at this

sport rims

Do i need to upgrade my camera?


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