IIUM Mosque

IIUM Mosque

This Mosque has been established in the beginning of 2012, last year. But, i never have a chance to take a photo from the front.

So, i brought my Nikon D90 with standart kit lens 18-55mm VR 3.5-5.6G. Camera setting was in Apperture mode. Well, i really like to shoot in A-mode than in manual. i let the camera to set the speed. I used +1 for exposure compensation because, i thought in that time, i faced the sun directly, so lightmeter in my camera decided underexpose. That why, to manage this i applied +1 for the exposure compensation.

The apperture set was F/14 because i need the details in both background and foreground.

The composition, The point of this picture is reflection and emphasized by line of grass.

from this result, in my opinion, kit lens from nikon is enough for this kind of shoot.


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