Red Onion

Red Onion

You will realize that is red onion. But, if you try to key in the keyword of onion in google search like i just did, the first result was The Onion, America’s Finest News Source. Well, i am not sure what is the corelation between Onion and this news website. What do you think?

Well, in this picture, i am sure it is red ‘vegetable’ onion (Allium cepa), right? Just a simple brief about this vege. In my opinion, or maybe it is your thought too, that onion is a world class vegetable. It has been investigated with a lot of positive effect to our body. Let say, one of them is antioxidant. The latest publication in journal of fuctional foods (Tasahil et al., 2013) explain clearly regarding the antioxidative properties from onion varities (pearl, red, white and yellow) and phenolic is a major compound that take role in it. So, that is for very short scientific explanation of onion.

next is from the photography point of view,
This shot was taken using Nikon D90 with 70-210 F/4 lens in F/4, 210mm, 1/30sec and iso 800. It was a simple shot with no special light setting or even with low light situation. You can shoot using single focus set, use center point..lock..then recomposs, or adjust your focus point to upper right side.

The question for this picture is,
is it a still-life shooting?


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