Nikon D90 50mm F1.8 lens @F2.8 1/50sec ISO 800

This is the last picture from my Nikon D90. Coz just now, she has been passed to new owner. Not if because i need money urgently. She was my eyes to see the world. well, there is no time for grieving. let observe this picture…

Actually, this is my first attempt with this kind of shot. Never read “how to” regarding this type of shot. I know..i know.., you can key in the words of food photography technique in google and in a sec…baam!! problem solved. or you can read a book like Digital photography by Scott Kelby and you will get the answer, soon.

However, sometimes, learning from experience using all knowledge that you have to solve a new thing, is quite interesting. So then, this is only my opinion, open discussion for public.

1. Lighting,
This is not lightNing thunder..ups sorry bad joke. 🙂
The most important of food photography is lighting. It is almost the same like you do product photography. You have to control the light. Using artificial light source usually is the best way in this shot e.g. flash gun, studio light, or even two or three table lamp.

However, sadly to say, i did not have that kind of light soure. the only light was coming from the window in my kitchen’s wife. Reflector, diffuser? Nope, did not prepare with one of them. Lucky me, the glass on the window is covered by blury material, so it can be considered as diffuser, right?

2. Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, camera set
Not one of them is important, i mean, they are not the “K” factor, but really give amount of contibution here. Let say, i want to focus on very specific part of the food, so that is why i am using F2.8.

Then, Shutter speed never mind coz my set was A-mode. ISO 800 was set to unsure my sensor got enough light.

3. Composition
Yes, it is same important as lighting. Even, it should be the first set you have to consider. Try to shoot in every angle, position, set of food, set of background, etc. Then, analyze in your “darkroom”.

So, here we go, Timlo, a special food from Solo, center of java, Indonesia.


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