Point and Shoot : Handphonography, ready for 100% learning experience of composition


Lenovo handset camera 5MP with afterfocus editor.


It is not the word “superlatives” that we want to discuss here. It is Handphonography. Some of you may think that it refers to hand photography. But, unfortunately…not even close. This word never exist before. Well, i am not 100% sure, but just try search in google. She will refer to hand photography or handy photography…it is too far.

This word just came up, and actually it refer to point and shoot camera handphone. Yeah.. i know that you knew already but, please don’t go away….i am begging you.

So, after my Nikon D90 left me alone, i start to think, “How do i shoot?” I never realize before that my lenovo A390 camera handphone will become my last resource to help my passion in photography. But i have to shoot or die. hahaha bad word. May Alloh azzawajalla forgive me.


Photography without a camera is not a photography- David Greenberg (DJG). it is like a painter use paint or sculptors use tools. So, to do a job with handphonography, you need a camera phone.

1) Camera

It very difficult to determine which one is the best. Coz, the very expensive camera phone nowaday (please, mention it) still can not compete with the oldest SLR/DSLR (from my random opinion). A lot of limitation is there, start from the core sensor until the quality of glass itself. But, no doubt that this sector of photography is improving day by day. let say from the poll that has been done by http://digital-photography-school.com, said that people use camera phone regularly. Just say it, from capturing a moment until become a hobby. But, i am not sure there is a professional with it.

However, we dont want to argue regarding which one is the best or how good the result from this type of camera. Let say, you are like me, no choice, no option instead of camera phone. So, The first from all rules of photography is, “get closer to her”, know your camera phone manualy, what setting can be adjusted. for example the scene (auto, night, potrait, etc), some effect (mono, sepia, aqua, etc), the famous white and balance setting (Auto, incandescent, daylight, etc), or even panoramic setting and many others.

For me, i am still getting closer to my lenove A390 5MP camera.

2) Setting

Ignore it!!! What i mean is, if you are a DSLR-ers than you want to shoot with camera phone, please dont bother with the ISO, apperture, speed and what ever setting you usually care in DSLR. In here, try to POINT and SHOOT with the camera is on in your phone (make sure you are not in movie recording mode :)). How about RAW shot setting? is it necessary to debate that phone which has RAW supporting apps always gives  better image than JPEG phone? sadly to say, for me, please dont waste your time or even your money with this kind of high-tech camera phones. Coz, usually the price is ridiculous.

So, The most important things that you have to be care of is COMPOSITION.


How great your camera phone is…..how expensive your editing software is, but you know nothing about composition in photography, hardly to say, please turn off your camera phone now, or sign out from your instagram, than take a time to undestand the composition.

I know, photography is not 100% based on technique, even maybe some photographers said that eyes is the judge. But, you have to consider that The Beauty comes with rules or even “no-rules” will never exist if the rules is nothing. So, Here it is the marriage of art and science.

Undestanding composition makes average photos becomes outstanding masterpiece -by scott kelby in the book of Digital Photography Book One, or It helps you to turn out your pictures and gives them greater impact -by Steve luck and John Freeman in Book of Digital and Classic Photography, The Expert’s Manual on Taking Great photographs

All this photos below has been taken by a camera phone with no special setting only COMPOSITION as the consideration and the help of afterfocus and photostudio editor.

 afterfocus_1386566222358 afterfocus_1386565817348 afterfocus_1386564744761 afterfocus_1386400398222 afterfocus_1386400097025


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