Basic Composition: missed focus point of interest

Basic Composition: missed focus point of interest

Photo was captured by Nikon D90 with 70-210 F4 lens @ 70mm F4 ISO 200 1/125sec

We was shooting near the fish market in Tanjung Api, Kuantan, Malaysia. Just before we walked from the scene, This group of fishermen (i think..they are fishermen) just caught with my eyes.

Do not even bother with your camera settings. Some photographers suggest with program mode, but i usually do with A-mode. So, just be ready for the moment.. Point..COMPOSE as soon as possible and… Shoot!!

Many point of view we can discuss here based on that picture. But, in this time, i would like to focus on leading line.

For the first time, i really want to focus on the group. But, the problems that i have to consider are
(1) I have to get this scene candidly. So point-compose-shoot is the matter of time. The scene will probably change in seconds. So, like i said before, adjusting the camera setting will draw your chance to get this moment.

2) Lighting
They were sitting in the shadow. So, if your focus point (also metering focus) on them, You will get entire area overexposed to let you lose the detail. Other things was, I shot with AF (auto focus), it could be really hard to focus on the shadow. How about manual shooting? Unfortunately with this circumstances, i never think for manual.

i have to quickly consider other options to draw the eye to the group. That was i found a pile of board with enough light to be focused. So, i could get the detail of surrounding area while the group still became my point of interest.


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