Photo editing : it’s sucks !!!

Hi guys, still awake? This post come up just before i closed my eyes. It is late at night.


This photo was not taken by myself. I got from my professor. He took it from the roof of his house. This is a great pic, isn’t it?


I did the postprocessing only using pixlr express. It is a free software that can be downloaded from play store. I played with croping, some sharpness, effect, layers, and borders.

Yes, i prefer with word postprocessing rather than editing. It is because, with postprocessing, we keep the original image. But, what we do, are basicly with composition (croping is absolutely not a sin), light (by adding/reducing some score in brightness), contrass (to bring the detail), sharpness, color (try the slider of hue, saturation, and vibration). Or even in software like pixlrexpress or pixlr-o-matic, we can directly set the effect, layer, borders provided. So, this is postprocessing, like what photographers did in many years ago in darkroom.


It is cool image, original and fresh. Look at the expression of them. But, then.. booooom!!


Or this

But then after postprocessed

Or, take alook at this image


Only take a few minutes to be like this…


Or, even when the original image get a little chance to be presented,

Continue to postprocessing. Here, we get better image.


So, never stop only after the shutter button is released, but then do the postprocessing. ^^ by adinaphotographs


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