Live in instagram

It’s a long..long time that iam not here…actually since 9th of january 2014. Where i was? Yes, instagram.

Iam trying to understand the meaning of signing up instagram and signing in as @adinaphotographs. Seriously, before this, i thought instagram only for people to be narcism. I mean like this, “grab your phone and take yourself pics as wierd as you can and as much as you can or put your second by second daily life. No hard feeling, guys. You may do all of that, but that was my thought. Please forgive me guys.

Suprisingly, i was wrong, and i feel sorry to myself.

Instagram is not just a social media. You know what i mean. However, it is a tool to create arts. For me that already fallin love in photography, instagram is a quite difference experience. I can express myself authentically and communicate at the moment with others to help me understand the significant moment to be there, instagram.

Even, to know much more how to live in instagram, i bought this book


Love it so much.. i will not instagraming with blindness again. Even, i found a nice person there @waddy722. His name is Pete. Hi Pete!

From him, i really understand that instagram it is not only about how awesome your pics are, but how you communicate with others. It is not only about how many like, or follower you get, but also how you can learn something from others. Thank you so much, my friend.

Alright then, few tips for instagraming that i succesfully extract from #garyveynerchuk #jabjabjabrighthook book.

(1) username is matter here. Try to use the same username with your other social media. Like me @adinaphotographs is the same name with my blog here. So people can find you easily in this noisy social media.

(2)use your content to express yourself authentically, not commercially. Oh, i love this statement. “Thanks gary!!”

(3) go crazy with your hashtags but dont go too crazy. I agree that hashtags are the doorway for people to really find you, but you dont want to set too many doors in your house, right? It’s ridiculous.

(4) try to setup a strong right hook with a great content, instead of post too many piece of junk. Try not to be a spammer. Do jabs by putting great comments instead of “nice one, awesome, great pics, etc”. Interact with them and appreciate the social behavior.

So, it is all until now…



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