Less is more : get creative

It is minimalist photography. Try to simplify your pics. Keeping simple picture doesn’t mean to make it dull and boring. By emphasizing with strong shadows, contrasting colors, line, geometric pattern, lone subject, etc to create stronger image.




Creativity is a must in here. By understanding the concept of composition, such as rule of thirds, framing, filling the frame, leading line, etc will help to create something unique which only can be determined subjectively. Simon Bray said that the subject has to be the strongest element of the shot, even though it may not take up the majority of frame. “Rules are meant to be broken, aren’t they?”



Viewpoint.  Sometimes common subject in common place but different way of looking at it, will give the “ouch” impact.


So, keep your eyes open and work the subject

1. Photography.tutsplus.com -by simon bray
2. Digital-photography-school.com

#killerminimal @adinaphotographs



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