About adinaphotographs

We love to see some great photos. We wish that someday we are the ones who captured them. Yeah, someday that dream will come true!

(Okay, stop dreaming! Wake up guys.)

To be a good photographer is a journey -long but interesting- and quite an experience with experiment. It is art and science working in harmony.

Being an expert or a pro photographer is not the end of this journey. Coz actually we never know when it will happen to us. But, the process itself happen everyday in our life, in every shutter count (trust me!) and nothing become more valuable and interesting than share it.

That’s my thoughts (or ours). That’s why i started adinaphotographs. No matter what camera you use or what kind of photography do you like, indoor or outdoor, or even who you are, pros or beginners, i am here to remind you every great experiences that you have already passed.

Here at adinaphotographs, you will find:

> inspiring photos,

> insightful – based on true story – of experience in photography,

> easy-to-use tips to help you start to love your camera and get better pictures,

> photography “warming-up”, learn together the photo you love the most.

Then, finally, you will find me, here

Actually, Adina is my surname (last name, but not a family name), but you may call me anung. I am a male, normal but slightly excess BMI (body mass index), and Indonesian to be exactly. B.Pharm for sure, but really, this blog will not talk about me as a pharmacist, because it should be adinapharmaceutical or adinapharmacist.

I am doing photography until now because i always be envy to people that really have an enjoyable moment in shooting (i am not talking gunfire). In the beginning, honestly, I knew nothing about it. DSLR, what was it? A black camera with a lot of button there (i was sure that it was camera). Nervous, yes it was my first impression to be next with person holding a camera (especialy DSLR).

Then, i found Digital Camera Magazine Malaysia with back-to-basic chapter (please, turn to page 60). The first thing i learned was SHUTTER SPEED. Really, it was Feb 2012, and i am so excited and sure that i finally found my passion in it.

Now, photography is not just a hobby, but something for the first time my passion is involved in it.

So that “every thoughts has a pattern or image”

Why bloging?
It is my jabs (try to read an increadible book of gary veynerchuk “jabjabjabrighthook”). I try to provide readable experience, share some beautiful stuffs, my thoughts, or some tips. I hope someday i can contribute positively to all readers here.

Topics? I already mentioned it, right? I try to share my workflow of “How to Fallin Love with Photography”.

So, please take a moment here^^ and welcome to adinaphotographs!

Find me at:
*) **) adinaphotographs.wordpress.com .
@adinaphotographs ->my IG_id

And also,adinaphotographs@gmail.com -> feel free to contact me anytime ^^

**this page “about” has been fixed just know (jan 31st, 2014), by reading a post in The Dialy Post, #Zero to Hero: 30 Days to a Better Blog. I agree with the writter, that even i’ve been bloging since june 2012, i still did not introduce myself properly.

*hopefully it will be adinaphotographs.com


4 thoughts on “About adinaphotographs”

  1. Hi there
    Thank you for inviting me to your blog. There are so many great photo of you. I am not expert on photography. I Just remember my dad’s have a swedish camera. a big camera I guess. 🙂

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nothing become more valuable and interesting than share it



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