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-Untitle- : composition : more and more impact

Remember the thing that has to be considered the most in handphonography? Yes, it is COMPOSITION.



This was shot using camera phone of lenovo A390. Then postprocess using afterfocus and pixlr express software. No matter what efect you chose or softwere you are using, the right composition give more and more impact to the picture.

Normaly, poeple will shoot down to the subject, but here, we tried to get down low to the subject. Then, It gives more detail in Ngaku fruit.

However, the tricky part was to capture the price board also and as you noticed, there is empty space between the fruits and the price board. So, i thought back to basic composition by using rule of thirds. 1/3 for fruit, empty space, and price board, respectively.


Red hot sweet chicken -by chef Zee @griya sholihah : an example of creating non-average composition with natural light


My lunch menu made by my wife. Taste is great. Yeaah
Jazakillah khair to my beloved wife.


this photo was taken by using lenovo A390 camera phone, with afterfocus editor. No special setting for this photo. The only consideration was the composition and light.


The reality was, my wife was cooking as usual, just before 1pm. I was waiting to be the first person ever to taste the food. So, i was strolling up and down (or pacing) in the kitchen. Then, something came up in my mind, “why dont i take a picture, not her but the food. (sorry..honey, for this time, let me take the picture of the food not you..hehe). So, i brought up my phone (the only camera of mine).

For this kind of camera, i simply cannot face the light to create backlight, so with 60 degree angle from the window and try to a little bit getting down low. I took 7 images only to recompose, and here it is.