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Finding a Creative viewpoint

A creative viewpoint usually do not come from the standard position like people always do, e.g. standing or looking down. Try to get down on your knee or by looking up.


This picture was shot by getting down on my knee. I positioned my camera very low to get the straight arrow for leading eyes to the jungle


Finding pictures

Sometimes, you are so frustated to get pictures outside when its rain or snow. Dont worry my friend. They are playing hide and seek with you. They are covered by surroundings.

So, FIND THEM. You need to work on the scene. Try to look at from different angle.





All these pictures were taken using camera phone when i am working in my lab

Dramatic moment in IIUM : croping is not a sin, even it is a must -by profesional photographer

Well, hi guys, how are you? It is been a while for us together in this blog. So, i hope you really enjoy to follow this blog.

Over last two weeks My hometown, Kuantan was in the middle of anxious situation haunted by the flood. The rain was very heavy with 3-4 days directly non stop. Some areas has been closed and people moved to save place. Please search in youtube with the keyword “banjir kuantan 2013”.

Then, this week, we recieved a warning from the goverment that it will happen again on 18-20 of dec 2013. So, poeple start looking for any phenomenon that will lead to the heavy rain. This was one of it happened on tuesday dec, 17th.


This photo was taken using cameraphone by my friend @zatimansor.

This photo is really good. Really!! Look at it. It brings the dramatic moment. It shows the phenomenon. Nothings wrong with that photo. I mean, it is fresh. You can feel the scary, cant you?

Although, it is a good shoot, you will not only stop in good, right? You want to show something with not only good but excellent or great. So, just take a minute to think of rule of thirds in composition.

Originally, This photo was shot coz the sky has something to be showed off. So, bring the sky a little bit 2/3 of the frame. Leave 1/3 for the land. Beware for the mosque in the left and the building next to the right.

So, i postprocessed using pixlrexpress. I did croping to adjust the composition. Here is the result,


So, with croping, you can “correct” the composition and add more impact to the photo.

Or if you still have plenty of time, try to work the scene. Here is the photo i took two steps from my friend (first photo) position. Instead of shooting in landscape mode, i used potrait mode to emphasize the sky.


Water Tap : composition : keep it simple


Taken by using camera phone of lenove A390 with pixlrexpress editor and posted in instagram @adinaphotographs.


I was diying to shoot this water tap. I mean, every time i passed it, i was not ready for shooting. But then, last night i pushed to myself. (come on, get up and take that picture).

The composition is everything.  So, working the scene is a must. i have not to include more background, so i shot potrait not landscape. I was using the straight wall to draw eyes following the repeted water tap.

Lucky me, there was a spot light faced the ceiling, so i would not get harsh light coming from that spot light but the light bumped from the ceiling. It means that the reflection of light in that steel water tap was still good enough to be captured.

-Untitle- : composition : more and more impact

Remember the thing that has to be considered the most in handphonography? Yes, it is COMPOSITION.



This was shot using camera phone of lenovo A390. Then postprocess using afterfocus and pixlr express software. No matter what efect you chose or softwere you are using, the right composition give more and more impact to the picture.

Normaly, poeple will shoot down to the subject, but here, we tried to get down low to the subject. Then, It gives more detail in Ngaku fruit.

However, the tricky part was to capture the price board also and as you noticed, there is empty space between the fruits and the price board. So, i thought back to basic composition by using rule of thirds. 1/3 for fruit, empty space, and price board, respectively.