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Lamborgini aventador : parking area : getting down low : composition



This shot was taken using nikon D90 with kit lens at 18mm f5.6 ISO 400.

Instead of shooting down, we decided to get down low.


Ontang Anting

We, Indonesian, called Ontang Anting for this attraction.
ontang anting

However, it was not in Indonesia. This is a part of the outdoor theme attraction in Genting Highland. We do have this kind of attraction in Dufan, Jakarta.
If genting highland is in the peak of Titiwangsa mountain, Dufan is in the foreshore of Jakarta, Indonesian capital.

do you want to try it?

It isn’t Paris, but It is Genting


Yes it is. it’s indoor park in Genting Highland.

Well, it was saturday afternoon. Situation is undercontrol but crowded..very crowded.

People with their family are trying to get pleasure moments, while they dont realize for standing 6100 ft from the above see level.
Yes, Genting provide alot of excitement, for example The Wetland

wet land view

[to be continue..]