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2014 : #WHPresolutions2014

If you think what you are going to read is about my resolutions in this new year of 2014, not even close my friends.

Alright, 2014 is a year after 2013, isnt it? So, what make it so special, my friends?

This is all about the picture of #WHPresolutions2014 in my instagram @adinaphotographs



-Untitle- : composition : more and more impact

Remember the thing that has to be considered the most in handphonography? Yes, it is COMPOSITION.



This was shot using camera phone of lenovo A390. Then postprocess using afterfocus and pixlr express software. No matter what efect you chose or softwere you are using, the right composition give more and more impact to the picture.

Normaly, poeple will shoot down to the subject, but here, we tried to get down low to the subject. Then, It gives more detail in Ngaku fruit.

However, the tricky part was to capture the price board also and as you noticed, there is empty space between the fruits and the price board. So, i thought back to basic composition by using rule of thirds. 1/3 for fruit, empty space, and price board, respectively.



Nikon D90 with 70-210mm F4 lens at 95mm f4 1/250sec, ISO 400.

Sometimes, we forget to say thank you to Alloh azzawajalla to His creation until, we grab and look closer with our eyes. Subhanalloh, without pressing the shutter botton, our eyes can take a picture of it and save in the largest memory ever built, our brain. Let say it again, Subhanalloh.


This photo was taken in surrounding of Tasik in IIUM Mosque Kuantan Campus. if you are wondering what it is. Actually, it is the flower head of Mimosa pudica or Putri Malu (indonesian name). I shot around 8am when the sun is rising. Lucky me, the night before shooting was rain. So, the grass was fresh also the wheather. After rain is the best time for outdoor shooting in my opinion.

1. Aperture. This setting is very common for those who intend to get shallow DOF (depth of field). With this F/4 zoom lens, the largest aperture i can get is only 4. However, to get shallower DOF, focal length will play a significant role.

2. Focal length. in the previous, i said this can play a major role in this type of shot. Using zoom lens will stand out/pop up the subject. The only problem is you have to get optimum focal length, so your stand position is not to far from the subject. Because one of things for swallower DOF, you have to be closer with the subject. I shot at 95mm. Lucky me, this lens focusses closer than any other Nikon non-micro telephoto zoom (

3. Background. As you know, the far your subject from the background, more pop up effect it will be or it will be out of focus. However, not only the distance you have to be sure, the compositiion of color in your background, more colors involve in your background, more distraction from the background. So, make sure only one or two color include on your blury background.

The question for this picture?

if you notice, the light falls in high intensity to the subject, in this case is flower head of Mimosa pudica. How to solve this?

*writing style is following Mark Shimazu Photography

IIUM Mosque

IIUM Mosque

This Mosque has been established in the beginning of 2012, last year. But, i never have a chance to take a photo from the front.

So, i brought my Nikon D90 with standart kit lens 18-55mm VR 3.5-5.6G. Camera setting was in Apperture mode. Well, i really like to shoot in A-mode than in manual. i let the camera to set the speed. I used +1 for exposure compensation because, i thought in that time, i faced the sun directly, so lightmeter in my camera decided underexpose. That why, to manage this i applied +1 for the exposure compensation.

The apperture set was F/14 because i need the details in both background and foreground.

The composition, The point of this picture is reflection and emphasized by line of grass.

from this result, in my opinion, kit lens from nikon is enough for this kind of shoot.

It isn’t Paris, but It is Genting


Yes it is. it’s indoor park in Genting Highland.

Well, it was saturday afternoon. Situation is undercontrol but crowded..very crowded.

People with their family are trying to get pleasure moments, while they dont realize for standing 6100 ft from the above see level.
Yes, Genting provide alot of excitement, for example The Wetland

wet land view

[to be continue..]