Suria KLCC


This photograph was taken on Sunday, 21st of Dec, 2014 using a standard Canon EOS 1000D with kit lens 18-55mm.

The KLCC park is a famous place to be in Kuala Lumpur. But, how to get an excellent composition of the twin tower is a little bit tricky. All you have to do is research, look arround. If too many poeple posing and shooting on that area, it can be that the spot is not special as they think. Push yourself, push your eyes to see…


Price tag your photos. “Don’t but need it, ugh”

For me, the hardest part in photography is when people start to admire my job, and followed by with these questions,

“Do you get money from these (photos)?” or, if i want to put these (photos) in my brochure, how much?, and “These are superb photos, please name your price.”


You love photography so much you’d do it for free, but you want to make money, and ugh, you’re torn. You know who you are, even though you “need” to, because you kind of hate that money has to be a part of this at all. You feel guilty about changing prices, yet also guilty about ‘not’ changing them.–psychology for photographers

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nothing become more valuable and interesting than share it